1. curé, restorative, antidote, counteracted neutralizer, corrective, preventive, prophylactic, Med. specific; curé-all, panacea, elixir, curé for what ails you, curé for all ills, nostrum; medicine, medicament, medication, Med. prescription, Pharm. drug, pharmaceutical; Biochem. antibiotic, bactericide, germicide, antiseptic; sedative, tranquilizer, soporific; analgesic, Inf. painkiller, anodyne, anesthetic; antitoxin, serum, vaccine; Med. vaccination, inoculation, injection, Inf. shot; tonic, Physiol., Med. stimulant; poultice, Med. pack, Med. compress; herb, homeopathic remedy; physic, purgative, cathartic, laxative; healing substance or agent, application, Pharm. lotion, Pharm. ointment, unguent, Pharm. inunction, balm, balsam, vulnerary, Pharm. cerate; liniment, embrocation, emollient, demulcent, Med. abirritant, palliative, alleviative; treatment, remedial treatment, therapy, speech therapy, Med. hydrotherapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy.
2. curé, work a curé, restore to health, make well or whole, Inf. bring around, put back on one's feet; resuscitate, revive, revivify, reanimate, bring back from death's door; heal, mend, knit, grow back together; treat, doctor, apply remedies to, give medicine to, medicate, drug, dose; physic, relieve, free from pain, ease, lessen, alleviate, palliate, mitigate, assuage, soothe, calm.
3. straighten out, rectify, set to rights; right a wrong, redress, make good, compensate for, make up for, make amends for, atone for, make reparation for, make everything all right or better; fix, fix up, repair, restore, set right or straight, adjust, regulate, correct, amend, emend; better, make better, improve, ameliorate, meliorate.
4. counteract, antidote, counterbalance, offset, counterpoise, countervail; neutralize, destroy the effect of, undo, reverse; annul, void, nullify, cancel out; remove, destroy, root out.

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